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81 Brands Changing Our World

A new report by Future Commerce

Future Commerce has created a report that details brands that are changing our world. We believe that commerce unites humanity. We also believe that entrepreneurship is the driver of upward mobility in our economic system. Therefore, commerce-focused entrepreneurship is the great agent of change in our society.

With Nine x Nine we are celebrating brands who uphold these ideals, across a number of recurring themes in the Future Commerce universe of content.

The world doesn't need another list of brands, no matter what order they're in. This report will spotlight brands that are making a mark on the world in categories that we believe will define our future.

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"What makes a brand meaningful?"

Find out in our 30 page report on the state of retail and eCommerce

The future of eCommerce has accelerated. Today, consumers demand that brands represent more than just a lifestyle - they expect brands to share their values. In this inaugural report from Future Commerce and Klaviyo, we rate 9 brands in 9 categories across a universe of diverse businesses, categories, and funding models.

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